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About JPS

Jordan Paramedic Society (JPS), is a registered charity and non-governmental, non-profit, professional organization established in July 2012. JPS was established by a group of professionals with health and medical backgrounds & by a group of paramedic practitioners. As the national voice for emergency medical services (EMS), JPS supports EMS practitioners by providing high quality health care to patients. Governed by a board of directors composed of 100 representatives from all segments of the EMS community, as well as the public who is committed to public protection and quality patient care, JPS is determined to make a difference in the lives of those in need. And to play a significant role in delivering aid and assistance to people after major crises, by activating plans in emergency response.

Recent News

To serve as the National EMS Society in Jordan that ensures an international standardization of emergency practices by providing a valid, uniform process to assess and retain the knowledge and skill required for competent practice by EMS professionals throughout their careers.

Jordan Paramedic Society is dedicated to have Jordanian EMS professionals, highly recognized and respected nationally, regionally, and internationallyJPS is a charity and non-governmental organization dedicated to work with children, families and communities to reach their full potential.