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    JPS Training & Development Center

    The Training Center established in accordance with the concepts and principles of Jordan paramedic  society which is based on the support of the State and governmental institutions through the dissemination of health culture correct ambulatory care awareness workshops and medical and health within the local community and to provide training support and vocational training for workers in the area of health, the rehabilitation of individuals and endow them with the necessary skills and the development of their competencies in the areas of their work.


    Our Message:

    that we together strengths and coach and a worker in the field of health to reach a more health culture and security.



    1.*action for the dissemination of the concept of first aid and preventive health for its role in the development of health awareness of citizens trainees ensuring immediate remedial rights preventive health

    2.*rehabilitation of university students, professors in schools on first aid and evaluation of the injuries and the method of work in emergency situations through training and practices that simulates a reality.

    3.the delivery of basic concepts on the duties of the first worker what are the objectives of its existence, and of a number of points: – maintaining the injured life as much as possible and protected to prevent more dangerous situations and help to educate the public about the health culture positive practices. – will strengthen training courses psychological aspect, community through integration of trainees in their communities interactive manner

    4.*setting up training sessions for new graduates in the health field experience and skills necessary for the practical life

    5.*The establishment of specialized medical to upgrade the skills of health workers and the scope of ambulances and emergencies

    6.*The establishment of workshops for the exchange of professional expertise and the latest developments in the area of health, to bring about the process of change required in the organizations and institutions and individuals in the government and private sectors


    Our Vision

    we are trying to build a training institution concerned with the health domain Dec to become the ideal partner effective in the preparation of and the rehabilitation of the arab human resources and one of the windows of the institutions in the rehabilitation of the organizers to according to the vision of the public health and safety first priority


    The Mechanism of Work

    The followers of the finest working tools and vocational training in the implementation of the training and advisory services. An integrated working team is working effectively, looking to the permanent development as the ideal partner institutions in achieving their objectives. A group of distinguished experts gathered their experiences between the experiences of friction direct practical and ideologies and thought the health and medical


    Our Methodology

    Planning and implementation of training programs, which are designed in accordance with the needs of our customers to meet their wishes and the development of human capacities and scientifically rehabilitation and vocational training and adopt acquaintance in training to provide the service to achieve the objectives of the beneficiaries through the elaboration of studies and recommendations necessary to establish, develop or management of training missions.


    Our team

    Jordan paramedic society depends on the expertise and competence in the medical and health that are unique to a high degree of skills and capabilities and enthusiasm as your partners in practical distinction and scientific humanitarian alike.


    Our Programs& Training courses

     First Aid courses (Basic, Advanced) to:

    o Professional

    o Practitioners

    o Public

     Emergency First Responder

     EMT-Paramedic

     Paramedic refresher courses

     Basic Life Support (BLS) accredited course by American Heart Association (AHA)

     Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) accredited course by American Heart Association (AHA)

     Emergency & Disaster Management part from JPS continuous education and capacity building program for JPS members

    TOT / Emergency, CPR & First Aid Health Educator

    Courses in psychological health

    Courses in Health and Occupational Safety

    Courses in Health awareness.


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