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    • Promote the orderly development of coordinated EMS to national and international standards.
    • Promote high quality care for acutely ill and injured patients to national and international standards.
    • Provide international exchange of information & discuss common concerns for emergencies and disasters.
    • Carry out humanitarian relief aid to the vulnerable, and in emergencies, to people overseas.
    • Promote effective liaison with national, professional organizations, and other public and private sectors, to help & improve the quality and efficiency of JPS program of operations.
    • Enhance the professional knowledge, skill and abilities of EMS officials and staff in emergencies & disasters.
    • Facilitate interstate cooperation of patient transfer, communications and reciprocity.
    • Research and evaluate all areas of EMS and disasters.
    • Promote first aid sciences and self-motivation on a national level.
    • Find the support and fundraising for people in disasters, and for refugees.
    • Carry out & implement project programs for the vulnerable according to the needs of the community, with a focus on the main needs of the community such as: health, medical education, relief and development.

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